RotaryBlandes Auger for vine

  • Suitable for:
    • Bluting the vine when it is green.
  • 1800 mm long vertical cuts comprising 5 blades.
  • Horizontal cuts:
    • 2 blades: 670 mm long.
    • 3 blades: 850 mm long.
  • All movements can be controlled hydraulically.
  • The cutting elements can turn to adapt to the most favourable working position.
  • It incorporates an automatic safety system in the event of an obstacle.
  • Multitude of configurations and options to add to the machine, adapting to the needs of each user.
    • Hydraulic horizontal opening.
    • Raising of hydraulic horizontal supplements.
    • Manual distributors.
    • Electrical distributors.
    • Constant pressure when cutting (only for electrical distributors).
Pdf files for download: 
RotaryBlandes Auger for vine